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725 Series
725 Series Irons – Updated 2016 Model
Irons – 725 Series
Irons – 725 Series
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Midsize, Advanced Cavity
Delivers Solid Feel, Precision & Forgiveness

The newly updated 725 is a sleek, midsize cavity-back design with a minimal progressive offset. It features a bi-level cavity with an additional impact bar designed to produce maximum energy transfer with solid feel at impact.

The face and grooves of the 725 are CNC machined to a tolerance of .001”, providing the most uniform face surface available. Grooves have been designed to conform to 2010 USGA requirements for volume and edge sharpness. This results in consistent performance and allows for the maximum legal amount of backspin.

The 725 head is manufactured from a forged nickel alloy known in Japan as “sticky metal.” Unlike most carbon steel iron heads, our 21-8 nickel alloy doesn’t require hard chrome plating to prevent surface corrosion and as a result it is one of the softest, most solid feeling clubs in golf.

The 725 provides the perfect balance of control and forgiveness and exceptionally solid feel. It is available in a wide range of fitting options to meet your unique requirements.

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