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LE2000 Putter
CNC Machined  
303 Stainless Steel

The LE2000 is our flagship limited edition putter. This putter is completely CNC-machined in the USA from a solid block of 303 stainless steel.

The LE2000 has been machined with extreme precision to final tolerances of .001”. 303 stainless steel is the chosen material based on its corrosion resistance, soft feel, and superior machinability.

The LE2000 has 3° of loft, the head weighs 333 grams, and lie angles of 72°, 73°, and 74° are available. The LE2000 combines precision, unrivaled feedback, and great feel. It features a stepless steel shaft and hand-wrapped leather grip and is available in a range of fitting options to meet your unique requirements.


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