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385 Forged Beta Ti
385 Pro Forged Beta Ti Drivers
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Classic, Compact Clubhead
Piercing Flight Trajectory

The new Avian fairway metals are traditionally shaped woods with slightly open face angles, favored by golf’s best shotmakers.

Their compact head size makes them very playable from all types of lies. Avian also has moderate face progression that produces a strong, boring flight trajectory. To greatly improve impact stability, a tungsten screw is positioned in the back portion of the sole to optimize the location of the club’s center of gravity.

Avian is investment cast from a hybrid high tensile stainless steel alloy and features a “cup face” design, which maximizes energy transfer. These newly designed fairway metals are the ideal choice for the avid player seeking strong ball flight and optimum playability.

Avian models are currently available in a strong 3-wood (14°) and 5-wood (18°). Additional lofts will be introduced in the future.

Avian is available in a wide range of fitting options to meet your unique requirements.

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