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Introducing the RedBird CustomFit•A3x Approach

We understand that custom fitting is a comprehensive process. Our proven fitting method – we call it CustomFit•A3x – ensures a complete analysis of your physical attributes, ability, and goals to determine your needs and the optimal set of specifications for your golf equipment. After your fitting, a handcrafted set of RedBird clubs can be built specifically for you.

CustomFit•A3x Process

The RedBird CustomFit•A3x approach results in clubs specifically tailored for your


Get Fitted Remotely

Through either our online CustomFit•A3x evaluation tool (also available as a mobile web app) or an in-person visit to our store, we can custom fit a set of RedBirds just for you.

If you don’t live in or visit the Greater Seattle area, use our free online CustomFit•A3x evaluation tool or if you prefer, download the mobile web app version of CustomFit•A3x. Once your evaluation is received, your optimal custom fit information will be emailed to you usually within two business days.

We also offer comprehensive retro-fitting services for all major brands as well, so no matter what brand of clubs you play you can have them fitted to you the RedBird Way.

RedBird Shop Fitting

Following is a description of our typical in-store fitting process:

We begin your fitting session with a series of golf related questions, which is designed to help us get to know you as a golfer. We assess your current ability level, golf related goals, frequency of play and practice, lesson plans, and physical condition.

We then take your physical measurements using our patented RedBird Dimensional Fitting System (Golf Club Fitting System and Method, United States Patent No. 8,012,045), shown here below, to determine your optimum club length and lie angle. Grip size is fitted next.

Then, you’ll proceed to a ball striking session on our golf simulator to determine your clubhead speed, tempo, club path, face angle tendencies, and clubhead impact pattern. Swing data gathered from the simulator helps us determine the optimal combination of shaft flex, material, weight, and flexpoint.

Once the ball striking session is completed, we’ll compile the data and proceed to a discussion of your recommended set makeup and related specifications. Your custom clubs are then manufactured precisely to your unique requirements and will usually be ready for you in 7 to 10 days.

Get the Perfect Fit!

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