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Custom Fitting
Custom Fitting
Our pursuit of crafting and fitting the finest custom made golf clubs for enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes, and abilities remains the same as the day we started RedBird and originates from this simple thought:

"You didn't come off an assembly line. Why settle for clubs that do?"

You're Unique

Your physique and swing characteristics dramatically affect the way you strike the ball. You're entitled to a golf club that takes these factors into account. When the craftsmen at RedBird look at a golf club, they don't see a head, a shaft, a grip. They see a Your unique style of play. The length of your arms, legs, and torso. Your ability. Your swing. Your age. Your goals. You really are one-of-a-kind. Which is why RedBird builds golf clubs one set at a time. Doing it right leads to clubs that fit and perform better. Which leads to greater enjoyment of the game.

The Power of Truth

An amazing thing happens when you grasp the reality of a properly crafted and fitted set of clubs. Your natural abilities are enhanced. Your best effort becomes your best result. Creating exactly the right club for you takes hard work, precise standards, the finest materials, and uncompromising dedication to quality. This is our commitment to you and the reason we also provide a Lifetime Guarantee on our clubs. It's not just a better way to build and stand behind a club. In our minds, it's the only way.

The Real Scoop Behind "Custom Fit"

Huge golf equipment manufacturers try to "custom fit" their mass produced clubs using simplistic charts and measuring devices. But they miss the mark. Why? Because mass production is the complete opposite of customization. With RedBird, it's never hit or miss.

Properly fitting a person involves much more than matching a pre-made club to one or two physical measurements. Our proven custom fitting evaluation eliminates the guess work. A qualified professional, trained in the RedBird technique will analyze your physical attributes and abilities, discuss your goals, and work with you to determine the proper combination of available options. After your fitting, a hand-crafted set of RedBirds will then be built specifically for you.

Truth Beats Hype Every Time – The RedBird Difference 

The big golf club manufacturers spend millions on pro endorsements and national advertising – adding cost to the price – but nothing to the performance. RedBird puts its efforts into the club itself. What you spend on RedBirds, you get back in pure performance. You get more from a set of clubs built specifically for you. It's really no contest.

We never take short-cuts like using lead, brass plugs, or counter-weighting to disguise an inherent flaw. RedBird components are weight-matched before assembly to ensure a precisely balance set. Loft and lie angles are checked and re-checked to guarantee accuracy and proper progression from iron to iron. Compare our manufacturing approach to that of mass produced clubs. The expected level of precision and consistency from the "big guys" just isn't there. Decide which approach is best for your game.

Learn about our custom fitting approach, CustomFit•A3x.

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